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Automation dust extraction

Project details

  • Project type: PLC control programming, HMI visualization
  • Purpose: Opening the right extraction valves for dust extraction

Project description

PLC control programming
For the programming of the PLC control, the system engineer specified a matrix thus a minimum air speed can be guaranteed. Depending on which extraction valve and how many extraction valves are selected on the HMI TP700 Comfort panel, a number of extraction valve in the PLC program will be selected to open.

S7 PLC control material from Siemens was provided for this PLC programming. The PLC driver for the CPU 312 was developed using TIA Portal V13.

HMI visualization
The operation and visualization of the installation is done with an HMI TP700 Comfort Panel. When a maximum number of extraction valves is selected, no more extraction valve can be opened on the HMI panel. The visualization and operation on the HMI TP700 Comfort panel has also been developed in TIA Portal V13.

Project photos


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