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Water purification automation

Project details

  • Project type: PLC programming, HMI programming, industrial cabling
  • Purpose: Purifying canal water for use in factories

Project description

Cabling and programming of a water purification station.
A customer in Vilvoorde (near Brussels) had an obsolete water treatment plant controlled by a SattCon (ABB) PLC and a TSX (Schneider Electric) PLC.

BeLogic had to renew the entire automation and migrate to a Siemens PLC without production downtime. This is an example of a Turn-key project successfully executed by the BeLogic team.

Water is the basic product for any factory. This is therefore a critical installation where a downtime is not tolerable. The necessary provisions were made for the switchover of the power boards so that the most critical pumps could continue to run. The complete switch from power distribution (400A) and automation is realized in 12 hours.

The project progressed as follows:

  • Software Analysis: analysis of existing PLC programs from the SattCon and TSX PLCs.
  • Describing the operation and extensive discussions with the customer. Make the necessary optimizations.
  • Prepare a risk analysis and determine the SIL levels.
  • Hardware engineering: drawing schematics in ePlan P8.
  • Construction of 12 control cabinets: 5 cabinets for power distribution and 7 control cabinets for automation. BeLogic builds the boards in-house!
  • PLC programming in TIA Portal.
  • HMI programming in TIA Portal.
  • SCADA programming.
  • Field cabling: installing cabletrays, wire nets, cables and electrical panels.
  • Switch over: installing and connecting power cabinets, connecting pumps and instrumentation.
  • Testing and parameterization processes.
  • As built electrical schematics in ePlan P8.
  • Prepare manuals of HMI and SCADA.

Project photos


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